About ARMS

Alabama Roots Music Society or ARMS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that was formed to bring diverse musical genres into the central Alabama area.

The Board

The current board of directors have been intimately involved in putting on musical events and have developed a network with other interested parties such that ARMS will be able to attract talent and sponsorship.

The Music

By not limiting the organization to certain types of music, ARMS should be able to appeal to a wide range of people and performers. Knowing that Alabama has a rich musical history, ARMS wants to expose people of the area to live music of current Alabama artists and artists from across the country who have been influenced by those past Alabama icons.

Executive Board of Directors

  • Martha Mote - President
  • CJ Hincy - Vice President
  • Gary Greenshields - Treasurer
  • Mary Frances Bruce - Secretary
  • Jeff Woodard
  • Rick Harmon
  • Ken Reynolds
  • Guerry Roton
  • Tom Sellers
  • Richard Young
  • Maggie Harmon
  • Phillip Rawls