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Online sports betting is an ever-increasing market as more and more people are getting involved in some form of sports betting activity. People use a variety of strategies to gamble on their favorite sports event and make the most out of it. One such strategy for betting type is arbitrage betting. It is a risk-free betting strategy that allows bettors to gamble profitably. Due to high-profit opportunities, many bettors prefer betting using betting exchange arbitrage software. Knowing a good demand for arbitrage betting many entrepreneurs or gambling businesses look towards it as a business opportunity. 

Yes, launching a feature-pact and advanced arbitrage betting platform can be a profitable business idea that can bring you excellent ROI. If you are also willing to invest in the betting exchange arbitrage software, this guide will help you to act in the right direction. In this blog, we have covered everything you need to know about arbitrage betting software so that you can make wise choices and decisions ahead. 

What is Arbitrage?

Arbitrage is where bettors back and lay the same outcome of a sports event by utilizing any mathematical differences in the available odds. The margin gained is called an arbitrage bet. When done perfectly, arbitrage betting yields an excellent profit regardless of if the back or lay bet wins.  

What is Betting Exchange Arbitrage? 

Arbitrage with betting exchange refers to sports arbitrage between betting exchanges and conventional bookmakers rather than only between conventional bookmakers to generate risk-free profits. It is an excellent way of betting for bettors looking for steady and consistent profit. 

How to build the Best Betting Exchange Arbitrage Software?  

Bettors look out for a powerful betting exchange arbitrage software that helps them make the most out of their arbitrage strategy. In order to make your software investment worthwhile, you must know the important factors that attract punters. Here are a few crucial points you must consider when purchasing or building a betting exchange arbitrage software. 

Emphasis the Reliability 

Punters don’t want to waste their time and pay for an unreliable platform. They want a highly secure platform that keeps their payment and personal information secure. You can integrate high-risk management tools that create a secure and safe betting environment for bettors.

Make it Swift

Besides the security, you should focus on developing a swift platform that allows arbers to scan speedily. A live surebet exists for only a few seconds or minutes. If your software has a slow-scanning pace, bettors can miss out on a good chance to make a stake. Thus, speed is a crucial aspect of arbitrage software. 

Add a Matching Engine 

Offering bettors with accurate and live odds is an important part of arbitrage software. You must integrate a matching engine into the software, which provides users with matched odds and types of bets. 

Create User-friendly UI 

User interface design is the most important thing you need to pay close attention to. The arbitrage betting exchange software must be user-friendly. Don’t add too many complicated design components that may confuse users and make them leave the software quite soon. Focus on keeping the interface simple and intuitive that won’t distract users and encourage them to keep coming back. 

Apart from focusing on these development components, it is important to add excellent features to the software. Let’s see some crucial features you must cover in your arbitrage sports betting software.

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Key Features of Arbitrage Betting Software

Here is a list of key features that can keep bettors engaged and entice them to visit frequently. 

Back/Lay Bet Types

Your platform must support both back and lay bet types that are essential for an enhanced betting experience. Arbers look for back and lay odds when using the arbitrage software. 


Cash-out is a crucial feature that every user looks out for in arbitrage software. It helps users quickly withdraw their money between games. 

Multiple Payment Gateway Integration 

Users want flexible payment options when using the arbitrage betting software. Make sure you integrate secure and multiple payment gateways for better user convenience and experience. 

Identity Cards

Your betting exchange arbitrage software should generate unique identity cards for players to ensure a secure betting experience.

Convenient Commission Types

This feature allows the admin to customize their commission rates. This makes admins’ tasks much easier and efficient. 

Real-time Bet History 

The software should generate real-time bet history while players place bets. This helps players review their previous betting strategies and winnings. 

Live, In-play, and Pari-Mutuel Bet Types 

Your arbitrage software must support risk-free live, in-play, and pari-mutuel betting types that can cater to the needs and strategies of different users. 

Multi-lingual Support 

If you want to attract bettors from across the world or different regions then your software must support multiple languages. With this feature, users can use the software seamlessly.  

Develop a Custom Betting Exchange Arbitrage Software with Betfoc

This was all the essential information you need to build a robust, engagement, and feature-pact betting exchange arbitrage software. However, besides this, you must have a good technical knowledge also. Therefore, it is advisable to get expert assistance. Betfoc is a leading sport betting software development company that provides top-tier arbitrage betting software development solutions. We can help you build a custom betting exchange arbitrage software that can engage a good deal of users and generate a great ROI. Send us your unique requirements so that we can kick-start your arbitrage software project ASAP. 

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