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The global online gambling market has made a great leap in recent years. In 2019, the market size was valued at USD 53.7 billion and is expected to increase at a CAGR of 11.5% in the forecast period 2020 to 2027. Blackjack being one of the popular games has a crucial share in this market growth as it drives great user engagement. Therefore, operators find this as a lucrative market segment for investment. If you are also thinking of stepping into the online gambling market, then investing in blackjack software development is the best decision. You can establish an online blackjack business with a feature-pact and unique software that offers a more capturing and innovative iGaming experience.

However, starting any business in this vast arena can be a challenging task. You must understand the right process and required components before starting an online Blackjack business. To help you with this, we have prepared a detailed guide on how to start a successful online Blackjack business in 2022-23. This will help you understand every aspect and simplify your further journey.

Before getting to the guide, let’s get some more know-how about Blackjack and its popularity. 

What is Blackjack?  

Blackjack is a kind of card game that dates to the 18th century. Though it originated in France (like many other casino games) Americans took it to the next level of popularity. 

The objective of blackjack is to beat the dealer’s total without busting or going over 21. Both players and dealers get two cards, only one of which is shown at the table. The player decides if he/she wants to hit (have another card), split, stand, or double down (double the bet). As per the traditional rules, a natural blackjack pays three to two that is $100 bet returns $150. The player loses if he busts before the dealer and if both tie, it is a push that neither of them wins.

Blackjack has been the king of the tables for decades. And there are several reasons for its popularity including the ease of play. The rules are easy to understand and you don’t have to be a gambling expert to make the most out of this card game. Another reason is the low house edge, which offers more chances of winning for the player. 

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The popularity of Blackjack has grown exponentially as the casinos went online. Today, Blackjack is more accessible than ever. Players no longer have to visit casinos to play Blackjack. They can simply do it from their home or any place of comfort. Moreover, they get more privacy and can also enjoy amazing rewards and bonuses. 

Why Invest in Online Blackjack Software? 

As said earlier, the emergence of the Internet and the transformation of land-based casinos have brought more traction to the Blackjack game. More and more people enjoy playing blackjack and wagering because they don’t need to travel miles. Also, most of the countries have now legalized online casinos and gambling. Blackjack has received loads of love in countries like the USA, UK, Sweden, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, and more. Needless to say, online casinos are and will be in high demand in upcoming years. 

Therefore, your decision to launch an online blackjack software is absolutely lucrative and intelligent. You can get a huge response to your business within a few days. Also, you will get the best return on investment. However, this requires you to build a more engaging and feature-pact software that can beat the competition. 

A Guide to Starting Your Online Blackjack Platform


Thorough market research acts as a great foundation for any business and Online Blackjack business is no exception. You have to study the online gambling market precisely and identify several essential components such as: 


Identify your potential competitors and analyze their platforms carefully. You need to understand what features they are offering, what they used to reach their target audience and grow the business. 

Target Geography and Audience

Finding the target geography and audience is the most important aspect of this research. Identify and study the geographical region where you want to operate the Blackjack business. Understand who is your potential audience, their interests, and expectations. 

The online gambling market is developing continuously with the emergence of the latest technology trends. You must understand and integrate these trends to get a competitive edge. For instance, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are amongst the top trends that are revolutionizing the iGaming market. 

Plan the Budget

Once you have detailed research data, start planning the budget accordingly. When planning a budget for an online blackjack business you need to consider various components such as software development, license, staff, marketing expenses, and more. 

Get a License

A license is indispensable for operating an online gambling business. Thus, you must emphasize choosing the right jurisdiction and applying for the license. When choosing the jurisdiction you must check how much time and money you will require getting the license and what other legalities you have to follow. If you don’t have enough time to apply for the license, then you can go for white label solutions. A white label Blackjack Simulator Software provides you with a gambling license and helps you launch the platform quickly. 

Business Registration 

Once you have a gambling license, your next step should be to register your business and get business bank accounts opened. You must check and sign all the crucial agreements. This is one of the crucial steps ensuring the compliance of your business with all regulations and securing your business funds and transactions.

Find Reliable Payment Gateway Provider

Choosing a reliable payment gateway provider is essential in order to ensure secure and seamless transactions on your platform. Having reliable payment gateways helps you boost the players’ trust and your business credibility. Below are a few points you must consider when selecting a payment gateway provider, 

  • Various payment methods
  • Pay ins and payouts
  • Local payment methods
  • E-wallets
  • Prepaid cards
  • Chargeback and fraud prevention system
  • Recurring billing

Decide the Blackjack Software Variation

Different players/bettors have different choices of playing Blackjack. And it is your task to find out and offer the right version of blackjack to your target audience based on their preferences and geographical location. Here is a list of some most popular Blackjack variations you can choose from: 

Traditional Blackjack 

A traditional or classic or American blackjack is a widely popular Blackjack variation being played worldwide for a long time. The classic blackjack can be played with one to 8 decks. In this variation, the player’s sum of the cards should exceed the sum of the dealer’s cards to win the game.  

Advanced Blackjack

In a progressive or advanced blackjack, the rules are almost the same as classic blackjack. The difference is the player has to place an extra $1 wager to win the elevating jackpot.

European Blackjack 

In European Blackjack, the dealer doesn’t get a hole card until the player has decided how to play their cards. European Blackjack has more restrictions in different aspects compared to the classic blackjack. 

Vegas Strip Blackjack 

This blackjack variation is widely played on ‘The Strip’. It involves 4 decks, and the dealer is allowed to see the cards dealt. However, the dealer requires standing on soft 17. Players can double even if they have split the ace cards. 

Blackjack Switch

This variation of blackjack differs a bit from other variations. In this, players can switch or swap the cards dealt. 

Blackjack Perfect Pairs

In this variation, players get the Perfect Pairs side bet offer before cards are dealt. If they receive the first two cards of the same value or face card, they have a pair and the perfect Paris side bet wins.

Spanish 21

This blackjack variation is known for the house edge and is played with 6 to 8 card decks. A dealer can look at the hole card and if it’s Blackjack or 21, he wins. 


Pontoon has the same gameplay rules as Spanish Blackjack. The only difference is there are no 10s in the deck.

Atlantic City Blackjack

In this variation, players get an option of insurance and surrendering. And the dealer gets to look at a whole card. 

Super Fun 21

Super fun 21 has similar rules as classic blackjack. In this, the player has the advantage to beat the dealer’s natural blackjack by his natural blackjack. 

Now you have decided which Blackjack variation you want to offer to your audience. It is time to look for a reliable blackjack software provider. This is another crucial step you need to pay full attention to. The success of your business will depend on the quality of the software you offer to the audience. Therefore, make sure you select a software provider carefully. 

You must check the experience, reviews, cost, and other aspects before choosing a provider. The more experience the company has, the better quality software it can provide. Also, there should be an experienced team of professionals to work on your project. Don’t forget to check the support and maintenance policy of the company.

The choice of software provider also depends on your specific requirements. For example, you may want a white label software solution or also require a Blackjack simulator software. Thus, find out the company that meets and exceeds your requirements precisely.  

Design and Development

Once you have chosen the provider, your task is to pay attention to the design and development part. Make sure the UI design is user-friendly yet attractive as it will help you keep the players engaged and avoid maximum abandonment rate. Also, you should emphasize integrating all the basic and advanced features that can entice users and improve the user engagement rate. Below is the list of features you must consider for Blackjack software.

Features to Cover in Blackjack Software

User Panel Features 

  • Detailed Dashboard 
  • Single & Multiplayer Mode
  • Attractive and Animated Cards 
  • Automatic Card Shuffler 
  • Dealer Hints 
  • Scoreboard 
  • Multiple Payment Option 
  • Real-time chat
  • Different Betting Limits
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Multilingual Support
  • Social Media Sharing

Admin Panel Features

  • Admin Dashboards
  • Player Management
  • Finance Management
  • Game Management
  • User Management
  • Configuration Tools
  • Tournament Management Tools
  • Risk Management 
  • Statistics & Analytics

Once you launch your Blackjack software, you need to start working on its success. Of course, your software is feature-rich, engaging, and powerful enough. However, you must put in additional effort to get maximum traffic, conversion rate, and user engagement for your platform. All this is possible by implementing effective marketing and promotion strategies. It is advisable to reach out to a reliable online casino marketing agency that can help you boost the online presence of your Blackjack business and attain the desired goals.

Ready to Execute Your Blackjack Business Idea?

Now you have a profound understanding of the online Blackjack business process, it is time to work on your dream venture. Make sure to choose the right professionals to execute your business idea.

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