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Today, we are witnessing a brand new facet of the casino market in terms of online casino platforms. This major revolution has offered improved convenience and fun to casino players and gamblers. However, did online casinos succeed in delivering the same thrill and entertainment as the land-based casinos. And the answer is a big Yes. Of course, the credit goes to live dealer casino games. Renowned brands like Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Ezugi, and more have been successful in creating the most realistic and engaging live casino games that offer immersive and real-time casino experiences to the players. 

Due to the live casino environment and experience, live dealer casino games help attract players easily and retain them. If you are planning to start an online casino business or wish to grow an existing one, then you must consider investing in live casino software or games. This not only helps you acquire maximum players but also helps to sustain in the highly competitive market. 

However, before investing in live dealer casino games, you must have a profound understanding. This blog will help you understand each and every aspect of the live dealer casino games so that you can invest wisely and make the most out of it. 

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What are Live Dealer Casino Games and How do they Work?

As the name suggests, live dealer casino games are online games that players can play with human dealers instead of computers. They were first introduced in the mid-2000s. In 2006, Evolution Gaming launched a complete suite of casino games with live dealers. Since then, the online casino industry is flourishing continuously.  

Today, players can access a range of live dealer casino games from the comfort of their home using their PC or mobile device, while getting the real casino feel. They first need to create an account on the online casino platform and deposit a certain amount to get started. Players can access the casino tables in the lobby section of the casino. Different games have different tables, which are separated by stakes level. Once the player finds a perfect table as per his/her choice, he/she is directed to a screen for selecting the dealer. After selecting the dealer, players can see a window with the dealer and table of their choice. The number of people on the table varies depending on the game the player has chosen. While dealers can speak to the player directly, players can’t do so. Once a round is completed, winners are paid and players’ balance reflects the outcome of the round. 

What is the Difference between Live Dealer and Usual Casinos? 

Here are the main differentiating factors between live and usual casino games:

Live Dealer Casino  Other Casino Games
Live dealer casinos consist of human interaction. The entire gameplay process is executed through real dealers. Other casino games use RNG algorithms.
Live casinos involve more transparency as everything is executed by live dealers in front of the players’. Final outcomes are fair and random.  Though there is no live dealer, usual casino games are also fair enough as they operate RNG and other advanced technologies. 
Live dealer casino platforms facilitate real-time interaction with dealers.   In the usual online casino platform, the games are run by software. And there is no human intervention. 
Live dealer casino platforms offer a more realistic casino feel. Online casino games can be less realistic compared to live dealer games. 

The Popularity of Live Dealer Casinos

As seen above, live dealer casinos offer more exciting benefits compared to usual casino platforms., such as more transparency, real-time gaming experience, etc. Due to these pros and non-stop technological advancements, live dealer casino games have become widely popular. Moreover, the recent COVID-19 pandemic situation has had a positive impact on the online casino industry. Due to the movement restrictions, many regular casino players, as well as amateur players, were attracted to live dealer casino games. 

It is important to know what live dealer casino games are ruling over players’ hearts and gaining immense traction. If you wish to attract a massive number of players to your casino platform, you must integrate all the popular live dealer games, such as:

  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Roulette
  • Live Hold’em
  • Live Dragon Tiger
  • Live Dreamcatcher
  • Live Baccarat
  • Live Sic Bo

How to Select the Best Live Dealer Casino Software for Your Business?

Now that you know the importance and scope of live dealer casino gaming solutions, it is high time to adopt the same for your online casino business. However, you must find a reliable live dealer casino software provider that can provide you with high-performing and engaging software covering an interesting range of games. Below checklist can help you choose the best software and provider: 

Adequate and Proven Industry Experience 

The provider should have adequate and proven experience in the iGaming industry. An experienced casino software development company can provide you with high-quality casino software solutions compared to the new one. 

Excellent Features and Functionality 

Make sure the software has an excellent range of features that are engaging and useful. The most essential features of live dealer casino games include the best range of casino games, intuitive yet attractive UI, game lobby, multiple payment gateways, bounce system, multilingual support, user login/registration, and more. 

Talented and Experienced Team of Professionals 

There must be an in-house team of professionals specializing in various areas, such as designing, development, testing, project management, and more. This will help you get high-quality software at the right time.  

Best Support and Maintenance 

Along with top-notch software, the provider should also offer a dedicated support and maintenance service. This will help you ensure the seamless working of the software and be on top of players’ expectations. 

The provider should be up to date with advanced technologies and emerging trends like Blockchain, Cryptocurrency payment, etc., and also implement the same in the casino software. After all, cutting-edge live dealer casino software helps you outperform the competition. 

Time to Get the Best Live Dealer Casino Platform for Your Business

Betfoc is a leading casino software development company that has been delivering top-grade live dealer casino solutions to clients across the world. We know what it takes to build and deploy a feature-rich, scalable casino platform that can engage maximum players and gain you considerable ROI. Our live dealer casino software solution is backed with emerging, powerful tools, and technologies that can get you a competitive advantage. Don’t worry if you have specific customization requirements. Our professionals can help you with on-demand customization and offer you personalized software. 

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