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Though this is the era of immersive video games, simple board games like Ludo are still ruling over gamers’ hearts. In fact, the digital revolution has given a whole new facet to the Ludo game making it even more popular. Last year, we saw huge traction for online Ludo games due to the effect of lockdown. And Ludo King has a great contribution to the increased popularity of this conventional board game. 

Introduced in 2016, Ludo King has made it in the list of most popular game apps with over 500 million downloads and $20million in revenue in 2020. With this immense popularity and success, this online ludo game app has set a benchmark for game developers or entrepreneurs willing to invest in ludo game development

While developing a Ludo game app is an absolutely lucrative decision, executing it won’t be an easy thing. You need to build a powerful Ludo game app that can get you a competitive edge and desired success. 

But, how would you do that? What’s the process to build such a successful board game app? How much will it cost you? 

All such questions must be arising in your mind. This blog post aims at solving all such queries and simplifying your journey. Here, we have prepared a comprehensive guide that will help you build a feature-rich and engrossing game app like Ludo King. 

Understanding the Ludo Game 

Before heading to the development part, you must know the basics of the Ludo game including the components required, functionality, features, and more. 

Key Components of Ludo Game

When developing the game app you need to consider different components that are essential for the gameplay. 

Ludo Board

A square board with cross-shaped game space. Each side of the cross has three square-shaped columns (six per column). The center columns have five colored squares representing each player’s home column.


Each player has four game pieces (token) of unique colors. 


A dice decides the movement of a player’s token.


When playing online, Ludo can have a single or up to four human players. 

Modes of Ludo Game App

There are different game modes you must cover in the Ludo game app for more interesting gameplay and better user engagement. 

Computer Mode

A user doesn’t need someone to play along with. He/she can play with the computer or use the computer model to improve game skills.

Local Mode

With this mode, users can play with their family and friends on the same device. The local mode adds more fun and thrill to the game. 

Multiplayer Private Mode

Users can play with friends and family members on social media by creating their own virtual team. 

Multiplayer Worldwide Mode

With this mode, users can play with other players across the world that are online. You can allow users to play with around 2 to 6 players.

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Ludo Game Functionality

  • Users download the Ludo app from the iOS app store or Google Play Store depending on their OS.
  • The user needs to create an account and log in to the app.
  • Once a user is logged in, he/she can choose their preferred game mode amongst various options such as local, computer, multiplayer. 
  • After entering the game lobby, users get token color options. Four tokens are allocated to the users. 
  • Users begin playing the game with the aim to get their tokens to their destination. 
  • Players need to throw the dice and push the token forward according to the number they receive on the dice. 
  • It is necessary to get ‘six’ on the dice to bring the token out. 
  • The token needs to be moved ahead in a clockwise direction. 
  • A token can enter into the finish line only after finishing a full turn.
  • A player gets extra turns if he/she kills an opponent’s token or gets ‘six’ on the dice.  
  • The player who first manages to get all the tokens to the endpoint wins the game. 

Crucial Features of Ludo Game App

Apart from functionality, you must understand what features are important in the ludo game that keeps players engaged and entertained. Here is a list of all the key features you must integrate into your Ludo game app. 

User App Features

Online/Offline Access

There should be both offline and online access so that players can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay. Players can access app features without the internet. With this feature, you can improve the user retention rate to a great extent. 

  Private Chat Room 

The private room chat feature allows players to communicate with friends or other players in real-time. This also helps boost the fun in the Ludo game and thereby improve user engagement.

Bounces & Free Coins

A bonus program is an excellent way to encourage players to keep coming back to your app. You can offer daily bonuses, reward points, or free coins to the players. 

Real Money Game 

You can also facilitate players to use real money during the Ludo game. This makes the game more interactive and engaging. However, the cash deposit and withdrawal should be fast and seamless. 

Invite Friends

Allow players to recommend your Ludo app to their friends or family on different social media channels and get referral bonuses. This not only increases your user base but also improves your brand visibility. 

User-friendly and Intuitive UI

The user interface design should be attractive and user-friendly enough that can attract and retain maximum players. 

Admin App Features

User Management 

With this feature, Admin can monitor and manage all the users’ activities and profiles seamlessly. 


There should be a detailed dashboard that shows important analytics and statistics about the game. 

Payment and Wallet Management 

Admin can track and control all the transitions and payment details of users easily. 

Referral Management 

This feature allows Admin to monitor and manage the referrals by existing players and their reward points. 

Smart Notifications

Your app should send push notifications to the users to update them about their game status, bonuses, etc. 

Game Setting 

There should be various game settings like two-factor authentication, sound option, game tutorials, notifications, and more to help the admin improve the overall gaming experience on the app. 

Additional Features

  •  Live Support 
  • Bettong Mode 
  • Social Media Integration 
  • Challenge Mode
  • Multi-language Feature
  • Practice Match
  • View History 

Now you have all the basic information about the Ludo game, it’s time to get to the game designing part. 

Game Design

As we know, Ludo is a simple and easy-to-understand game. However, the complex game design can make it difficult and less interesting. Thus, when designing the game interface, make sure you use simple yet attractive design components. The game design should be intuitive enough so that players won’t get confused and won’t leave your app soon. Also, it should be attractive enough to fetch users’ attention on the first visit only and keep them hooked for a long time. 


Once you are done with the designing part, focus on the development. In this stage, you have to select the most appropriate programming languages, frameworks, and tools to develop a powerful Ludo game app. The common technology stack required for game apps like Ludo can be Python, Java, Unity 3D, Android, iOS, and more. Make sure you write scalable code so that it can withstand the growing users’ demands or activities. 


Once you think you have completed all the development tasks, move on to the testing stage. Here you have to test the Ludo game app thoroughly for usability, performance, compatibility, security, and more other aspects. Make sure you offer a flawless and high-quality Ludo game app to the players that are worth their time and attention. 

Ludo Game App Development Cost

Cost is a crucial factor when developing any application. The ludo game app development cost will depend on a number of factors such as:

Hiring The Professionals

To develop a robust and engrossing Ludo app you will require various professionals such as developers, designers, QA engineers, and more. If you hire freelance professionals for each role, it will cost you a huge amount. However, hiring a ludo game development company will be more cost-effective, as you will get a complete team of skilled professionals at a fixed cost. Different companies and developers will have different cost structures.  

Location of the Development Partner

Ludo game developers or companies in different regions will be having different hourly rates. Thus, the location of the development partner will also be a crucial factor in deciding the cost. 


The cost will also vary as per your choice of platform i.e Android, iOS, Hybrid, or Web. 

Ludo Game Design

Design is one of the key factors in the success of any game app. Thus, it will be having a significant role in deciding the cost of your ludo game app. Be ready to pay a good amount, if you want to use high-quality graphics and the latest game design trends. 

Advanced Features and Functionality

The cost will increase if you want to add advanced functionality or features to the app. However, this can also help in increasing the worth of your app and attracting more users. 

The choice and requirements regarding all the above aspects will vary from person to person. Thus, it is quite difficult to suggest the exact number. However, you must be ready to spend between $6000 to $22000 to build a scalable and feature-pact Ludo game app. 

Final Thoughts!

As you have seen, a lot of factors are involved in creating a successful ludo game app. Thus, having expert assistance is of the greatest importance, especially if you have less or no knowledge of this area. It is advisable to reach out to one of the most reliable Ludo game developers or companies having proven experience and expertise. Betfoc is a renowned ludo game development company that can provide you with the highest quality service. Get in touch with our experts to discuss your unique requirements and Ludo idea. We will ensure to be on top of your expectations while delivering you the desired outcomes. 

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