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The global Fantasy sports market is growing exponentially and will continue to be. It is expected to reach 1 billion USD by 2026.

There are numerous reasons behind the extreme popularity and growth of fantasy sports, such as the growing worldwide sports events count, advanced fantasy sports app development solutions, and more. More and more sports events are now involved in fantasy sports, which is resulting in a significant transformation.

Not just sports, but non-sports categories have also been becoming a part of the advancing fantasy sports market. Typically, we know fantasy sports as a type of game often played between virtual teams formed of actual players of professional sports such as Football, Cricket, Tennis, and more. But, now we can witness a new facet of fantasy sports that incorporates non-sports events and gameplay. If you are thinking of stepping into this huge market and starting your own fantasy sports business, you must be aware of these non-sports categories.

To help you a bit, here we have listed some of the best non-sports that are gaining popularity in fantasy sports. 

1. eSports

eSports itself is a huge and multi-billion-dollar industry. It is one of the major segments of the iGaming world. The emergence of eSports leagues into fantasy sports has brought an unparalleled wave of entertainment and novel gaming experience for gaming enthusiasts. eSports fans are now enjoying a new facet of this gaming segment. With a fantasy eSports platform, they can create virtual rosters among the professional teams and earn points based on the performance. There are many popular eSports tournaments and leagues covered in fantasy sports such as DOTA 2, CS: GO, LOL, PubG, and more. 

By building a fantasy eSports software/app, you can attract a huge number of users as eSports has a massive fan base.

2. Stock Market

Stock trading being a complicated area requires you to have profound and up-to-date knowledge. But you don’t have time or don’t want to read books or watch videos, right? In such cases, fantasy stock market software can be your best bet. Yes, stock trading is also becoming a part of the fantasy sports world. With the help of fantasy stock market software, one can easily learn stock trading and be an expert at it. It allows users to trade using virtual money of a certain amount. They can sell or buy stocks available in the stock exchange indices. The platform also offers useful and accurate analytics and statistical tools that replicate actual stock trends and prices allowing users to do in-depth market analysis. 

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Due to the ease of access and quick learning curve, many trading enthusiasts and amateurs are attracted to fantasy stock trading. 

3. Reality-TV

Reality TV shows have a special, huge fan base. People across the world love watching various TV reality shows. However, with fantasy sports platforms their experience isn’t limited to watching. Now, fans can predict the outcomes of the particular episode of their favorite TV shows such as The Bachelorette, Survivor, The Bachelor, and more. Correct predictions make them winners. 

As this is a lucrative segment, many fantasy sports app developers are inclined to build dedicated fantasy Reality TV platforms. 

4. Celebrity Leagues

We all observe and predict celebrities’ behaviors, especially our favorite ones. What if this scenario turns into an exciting game? Fantasy celebrity leagues make this possible! Yes, fantasy celebrity league software offers an all-new and enticing way to allow people to try their guessing skills on celebrities and win amazing rewards. There are several popular celebrity leagues covered on such platforms. As celebrities are the major area of interest of lots of people, investing in this niche can be a lucrative idea. 

5. Politics

Politics is one of the major subjects of interest for the majority of the population across the world. People can’t resist staying abreast of the latest political updates. Fantasy sports offer an excellent opportunity to such political junkies to use their political knowledge interestingly. A fantasy political platform allows players to predict outcomes of various political activities such as election results, economic budget, and more. On the correct prediction, they get rewarded with points. The player with the highest points wins the game. 

What’s in the Future? 

Fantasy sports is embracing different industry sectors, be it entertainment, politics, or eSports. Now, it will be more exciting to see more extended capabilities of this market. In the future, other sectors like News, Casino, and more will be gaining popularity in the fantasy sports arena. It will be essential for new and existing fantasy sports companies to stay abreast of the non-sports trends to stay ahead in the market. 

Want to Build a Fantasy Sports App for a Non-sports Category? 

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