Top 7 Technology Trends in Poker Game Industry

Poker games are one of the best means of entertainment. And the recent lockdown period proved this. People are highly inclined to play online card games like poker to kill their spare time. Online poker game platforms make it possible for us to play poker games anytime, anywhere, while also enjoying the amazing perks. This is one of the reasons behind the increasing popularity of online poker games and the demand for poker game development solutions. Like this, there have been many tech advancements that are driving the poker game industry. Each year, we come across some great technology trends that are revolutionizing the entire gaming market. And it is a must for businesses to incorporate these tech trends into their poker gaming platforms to outperform or tasty ahead in the competition. 

If you are also planning to set up an online poker game platform or expand your online casino business, then you must stay up-to-date with such trends and embrace the same. We have created a list of the seven most recent technology trends in the poker game development industry that can help you drive better business outcomes. 

Real Money Games 

Money is one of the biggest inspiration factors, be it for work or playing a game. With online real-money poker game apps, players can earn a good deal of money. The fact that they can make money while also enjoying the gameplay attracts players towards such apps. Therefore, more and more businesses are coming up with real-money game apps. Many of these poker game apps are either free or require a fewer entry amount, but offer impressive cash prizes, which is a perk for gamers. Owners of real-money poker game apps make an excellent profit as an increasing number of gamers are ready to spend money extravagantly on such games. So, if you have decided to make a poker game app, you should emphasize the “real-money gameplay” aspect for better outcomes. 

Mobile Gaming 

Playing games have simplified to a great extent owing to technological advancement. Thanks to poker game app development, gamers no longer need to sit for hours in front of the desktop to play poker. They can enjoy online poker games as per their comfort using their mobile phones. Besides offering a convenient gaming experience, mobile poker games also offer improved money-making opportunities to the gamer and help them enhance their strategies and skills. Due to this, the mobile poker game development solution is in significant demand. By creating a powerful mobile poker game app, you can acquire a massive number of gamers and drive amazing ROI. 

Virtual Reality 

Gamers are attracted to platforms where they can get an innovative gaming experience. Ultra-modern technologies like VR are helping poker game developers to provide experiences that are beyond gamers’ expectations. VR-powered poker games allow gamers to experience real-time casino environments while playing online. Also, the audience can enjoy an immersive or 3D view of poker matches. 

Leading game development companies and developers are embracing VR and AR technologies to create unique and interesting gaming applications, be it for casinos, adventure, or any genre. If you wish to drive a higher player engagement and stay ahead in the market, you must integrate VR into your poker game app or software. 

Live Dealer Games

Live dealer casino games are getting impressively popular amongst players as they get a real-time casino feel while playing from anywhere. They can experience the land-based casino environment while playing from their home. Considering this fact, many operators and businesses are investing in live dealer poker game development. Live dealer poker games like Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, 2 Hand Casino Hold’em, Live Casino Hold’em Evolution, and more, are attracting the attention of the majority of players. Developing a live dealer poker game platform is a lucrative idea, as you can drive excellent engagement and retention rates and eventually better revenue. 


Many industries, including iGaming, have been leveraging Cryptocurrency and getting amazing outcomes from it. It is anticipated that more and more poker players will be using cryptocurrency, which will result in a great transformation of the online poker industry. As online poker gaming platforms deal with a lot of money daily, a faster and more secure mode of transaction like Cryptocurrency proves to be ideal for them. By integrating Cryptocurrency into your poker game app or software, you can experience many benefits, such as swift and highly secure transactions, transparent and unbiased gaming, and more. This eventually enhances your platform’s credibility, which results in better user acquisition and retention rates. 

Live Streaming 

Poker is no longer limited to just playing, but now people can enjoy watching the poker matches from the comfort of their place. Yes, many online poker platforms are offering live streaming of poker tournaments for engaging maximum users. Not just viewers, but the live streaming feature proves to be beneficial for players as well. They can showcase their poker game knowledge and skills to a massive audience and establish their strong presence in the gaming community. It also enables players to communicate with viewers and create a bigger fan base. 

Responsible Gaming 

It is essential that gamers should limit their gaming activities for entertainment only. Therefore, the online casino industry is devoting millions of dollars to responsible gaming efforts. Also, poker game developers are emphasizing creating apps and software with educational materials, risk management tools, and many other features to promote responsible gambling. Players also choose poker game software or apps that offer easy exits and keep them informed of their gaming habits. 

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By creating a poker game application using all such trends you can surely beat the competition and make your way to success in the gaming industry. However, this requires you to find an experienced poker game app development company that stays abreast of such emerging tech trends and efficiently implements the same. Betfoc is one of the most reliable poker game development companies you can opt for. Our developers have up-to-date and profound knowledge of the online poker game industry. We help you develop the most engaging poker game app or software backed by the latest trends and technologies. 

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