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The emergence of the Internet and other advanced technologies has transformed the gambling market drastically. The new facet called online gambling is now popular worldwide and reaching new heights. Many countries have now permitted online gambling. North and South America, Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa have the most permitted gambling markets. Gambling activities are approved by 100% of jurisdictions in most of the states of these regions. 

According to a report by Grand View Research, Inc., the global online gambling market size is expected to reach 127.3 billion USD by 2027, at a CAGR of 11.5% from 2020 to 2027. 

The above stats and information clearly suggest that investing in this vast market will be a profitable decision. There are numerous digital business opportunities in this area that you can grab. And these opportunities can be seen in the form of diverse online gambling games and services. You can choose one of these online gambling game ideas and kick start your business with the help of a reliable iGaming software solutions provider. 

Here we have listed the most lucrative and popular game ideas you can consider for starting an online gambling business legally.  

Online Casino

The casino is the oldest and the most popular segment of the traditional gambling market. This is true for the digital gambling market as well. However, here the casinos are online. The added convenience, fun, and exciting perks are the major reasons why people are attracted to online casinos. They don’t have to step outside to enjoy casino games. They can simply do it from their comfort zone, anytime while also enjoying amazing perks like bonus points. 

Online casinos are operated on the web or mobile platforms. Players need to register the platform to get started with the particular casino game. They don’t require downloading and installing any software on their PCs. Also, online casino platforms have reliable and flexible payment modes to enable seamless, fast, and secure transactions. 

As the majority of professional and amateur players are switching to online casino platforms, this is another excellent business idea you can go for. Besides getting a massive engagement rate, you will be having a less operational cost for an online casino, unlike the land-based casinos. 

To start a successful online casino, you need to build an engaging, interactive, and feature-pact casino platform. You can integrate multiple casino games to attract maximum players. Otherwise, starting an online casino with a particular game is also a wise choice. Below are the top games you can consider for developing a dedicated casino platform and starting an iGaming business. 

Sports Betting

Sports betting is one of the most popular gambling across the world. This type of gambling involves the activity of placing a bet on the outcome of a particular sports match, tournament, or any sporting event. Many countries and states have now permitted wagering on different sports like Cricket, Hockey, Football, Tennis, Horse racing, and more.

Both sports fans and non-sports people are getting attracted to sports wagering. They use particular sports betting software, apps or visit a shop to place bets on their favorite sports. If you are a sports enthusiast or have good knowledge of different sports, then this is the right business niche for you. You can consider building engaging and dedicated sports betting software that lets users place wagers on any particular sport. You can also build multi-sports betting platform. 

Sports fans in different countries have different choices about sports wagering. For instance, in Italy, Soccer is the most played and most wagered sport, whereas, in the UK, horse racing is most popular for wagering. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing the type of sports or geographical region for your online betting business. 

As of today, sports betting is widely popular on mobile devices. Bettors prefer to place bets on sports using their Smartphone rather than desktop, as it offers more convenience. Therefore, creating an iOS or Android sports betting app will also be a lucrative decision. 

Bet365, WilliamHill Sportsbook, and Draftkings Sportsbook are some of the most popular brands you can take inspiration from to enter into the sports betting business. 


Blackjack has been the king of card games for decades. The popularity of Blackjack is growing exponentially due to the emergence of online casinos. Today, it is more accessible than ever. It has been widely played in countries like the UK, the USA, Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and more. 

There are many more reasons for its growing popularity including easy gameplay. The rules of Blackjack are simple, easy to understand and one doesn’t need to be a professional gambler to play and win this card game. In this game, a player is required to get as near as possible to the limit of 21, but should not exceed it. 

Seeing the massive popularity and fan following for online Blackjack games, you can surely start a business in this area. You can develop and launch a dedicated Blackjack game software and turn it into a profitable venture.

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Online Poker

Started in the 18th century, poker has evolved a lot over the past couple of decades. Thanks to the emerging technology trends for adding next-level convenience and fun to this card game and making it widely popular. Currently, there is a massive surge of professional and amateur players and bettors towards online poker. Therefore, investing in poker game development can bring you enormous success.

By creating an advanced and entertaining poker game platform, you can witness impressive user engagement and get maximum ROI. Also, this gambling venture has fewer overhead expenses compared to traditional gambling businesses. 

In order to create an exciting online poker game, you must hire talented poker game developers who are well-versed in various 2D and 3D tools like Adobe Photoshop, the latest tech trends like Unity 3D for the real-time game experience and more. 


Baccarat is another traditional card game that has gained immense popularity in recent years because of the fast-paced Internet and game development technology. More and more people love to play online Baccarat rather than visiting the land-based casinos. Therefore, today, online Baccarat serves as an excellent business opportunity for entrepreneurs willing to step into the iGaming market.

To start your own business in this gambling market, you need to develop a scalable, feature-rich, and exciting Baccarat game software or app. Moreover, features like Automatic card shufflers, bonus points, achievement badges, scoreboard, etc. can help you draw maximum users and ensure the best retention and engagement rate. 


Roulette is a pure game of chance. It involves a wheel having numbered apertures on the inner circle in red and black. A player places a bet on the random number he/she assumes to win. The dealer then rotates the wheel and puts in a silver ball. Once the wheel slows down and stops, it shows the lucky number. 

The online roulette game offers more fun, interesting perks, and convenience compared to the traditional game. Thus, players are more attracted to online roulette games. If you think of this gambling game from a business perspective, it is lucrative. However, you must come up with more advanced and engaging online roulette software or apps to succeed with your business.

Slot Machines

Slots are one of the famous casino games being played across the world. They are highly amusing, easy to perceive and play. Besides these reasons, technological advancement has major contributions to the growing popularity of slot machine games. People now enjoy playing slots anytime, anywhere while getting exciting benefits. Due to this added fun, convenience, and budget-friendliness, players are more attracted to online slot games. Therefore, investing in this online gambling idea is an excellent idea. You can consider creating a mobile slot game app to get a massive user base and returns on investment. 

How Betfoc can Help in Starting and Evolving Your iGaming Business?

Now you have some amazing and lucrative ideas to start an online gambling business. It is time to choose the one and get started. However, starting a digital gambling venture requires you to have expert guidance and help. But you don’t have to worry, as Betfoc has got you covered! We are one of the top iGaming software companies that can provide you with end-to-end solutions to kick start your business in the iGaming market. We specialize in developing a range of online gambling platforms including Poker, Baccarat, online casino, sports betting, and more. 

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